So picture this…

My blog definitely needed more pictures.
So Sunday I set out to do just that, take some awesome pictures for my bliggety blog. ;)
 I spent two hours getting ready, I charged my Canon, packed extra outfits, brought my personal photographer (aka Jutt)  and drove 45 minutes to a beautiful location.
Obviously, I was very excited.
Obligatory selfie on the way to the shoot.
 So we get there and its a little wet, but theres no way I’m letting anything get in the way of my shoot. I tiptoe around all the puddles, find the perfect spot & strike a cute pose…

OH SNAP! Guess who forgot to bring the SD Card?

Yup, that would be me. :( ..Story of my life.
However, I was already there and dressed so we decided we might as well have a little fun. So instead of my Canon we used his Galaxy Note III  (its 13 megapixels…so basically, its not a Canon)
I actually really like this one.
Did you notice my nails were two different shades of blue? Totally on purpose…
Lets go sit on this rail thing…
Look at that awesome balance, so graceful…
Ok, maybe not. 
Anyways, that was my Sunday. I may have not gotten the pictures I wanted, but I did have a good time. So hopefully there’s a lesson in there somewhere..
Maybe next week??
Shelly xo


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