Outfit of the day: Black & White Geo Midi

#OOTD turned into #OOTN
Let me just say, I absolutely love  this look.
You might not know this, but I’m only 5’1.
Yup, I’m fun size.
So when I ordered it online naturally, I was a little nervous that the length of the dress
would make me look stumpy.
Just the opposite it actually elongates my figure.
 I am so in love with midis & I want more.
& I wasn’t too sure if I liked how busy the dress was…
However once it arrived, I fell totally in love with it.
It’s conservative and classy, yet sexy.
I wore it to work today with a blazer & everyone loved it.
It’s a great day time to night time dress.
Just pair it with different shoes & accessories  & it’s a whole new look.

 Of course there’s always room for silliness ;)
Can you believe I still don’t know how to properly cross my eyes?!
I need to work on that. Priorities
As always…
Peace & Love
Shelly xo

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