Cherish your time: Spend it wisely.

I want to share with you guys something that I learned recently…

You should always cherish your time. Spend it wisely.
I have been super busy lately. Hence the lack of blog posts. Between working full time, being a mommy and my crazy life, my free time has been pretty limited. And as lame as that might sound, in a way it’s been good for me. It’s taught me to appreciate the free time that I do have and to have higher standards when it comes to how I spend it. I think more highly of my time now. If all I have is “x” amount of hours to myself. Something has to be pretty damn important to take up my time. It’s improved how I spend my free time.

It’s also improved the quality of my friendships. Since I don’t have a lot of time to hang out with my friends, I’ve had to weed out the ones who aren’t good for me. I’m not wasting my time on negative people, those who lack motivation or who try to hold me back. I only spend time with people who are positive, goal driven, and those that inspire me. I can’t settle for less than that; My time is too precious to me.


If I’m going to give someone three hours of my life it has to be beneficial for me as well as them. There has to be common ground and I have to leave them feeling as though we gained something from the experience. Otherwise, it just feels like a waste of time. I’m a go-getter, so the people I hang out with have to be go-getters too. Otherwise there’s not a whole lot to talk about and it just feels awkward and forced. I want to share knowledge and bounce ideas back and forth. I want to talk about projects and plans. I don’t have time to gossip about other people. katt-williams-i-got-shit-to-do-today

Have you ever heard of the saying… “You are who your friends are.”? That statement sounds kind of silly but it’s kinda true. We tend to hang out with people who are similar to us and want the same things as us. Take a close look at your friends, are they people you look up to? Do you think your friends are going places? If you’re friends are negative and unmotivated chances are you are too.

So what happens when you start to cherish your time? You start to be more selective of who you give it to. Yes this means some people get left behind. Sounds harsh but don’t worry, you’ll find that you’re happier without all the extra baggage.
Don’t think of it as being snobby or stuck up. Think of it as having respect for yourself and respecting your time.


peace & love
Shelly xo

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