Self love & How to deal with haters

I come on here and I talk about self love and confidence with you guys & I hope that you understand that I’m not just throwing random b.s. at you. Loving yourself completely is the most important thing you can do in life. It will change your perspective on everything.

I am my own best friend & I treat myself as such every day! I never insult myself, talk bad about myself or doubt myself.

Why? Because I’m stuck with me 24/7, so why wouldn’t I be nice to myself? I don’t want to spend all day with someone that I can’t stand. So why would I want to hurt my own feelings and then have to live with the repercussions of that? Right, I don’t. I have better things to do with my day. #aintnobodygottimefodat 

So instead, I build myself up and if there is anything that I feel I should improve on I make it my goal and work towards it. I NEVER get mad at myself for not being “perfect,” because I’m already perfect for me.

With that being said,  just because I love myself so much doesn’t mean that everyone else does too. And that’s totally okay, because once you have accepted yourself for who you are, other people’s negativity can no longer get to you.


Normally I just ignore people’s negative comments, because I know what I know already and I don’t feel the need to waste my time trying to defend myself to anyone.

BUT for today I am going to show you guys my inner dialogue on how I deal with hate & yeah I get hated on ALL the time. These are some of the mean things that have been said to me…

“Your butt is so big.” Girl, thank you! I love my big booty. Why do you think I wear yoga pants all the time? Nope, it’s not just cause I’m lazy. ;) This booty is a combination of squats and cupcakes and it took a lot of both to get me here!  #bigbuttsowhat #badonkadonk

“You sound like a valley girl, are you trying to be white?” Not at all. I am very proud to be Latina. I love looking exotic. I speak the way that I do because I used to have a speech problem when I was little, so I was enrolled into a speech class where I was taught to how to enunciate my words correctly, and this is just my voice in combination with that. Also it’s pretty ridiculous to say that one specific group owns a way of talking. #likeohmygodicantbelieveyoujustsaidthat #youcantjustaskpeoplewhytheyrewhite 

“You never go out, your life must be so boring.” I know, I just immerse myself in reading, blogging, working out and other things that make me happy. It’s pretty boring. Like who wants to use their brain? Gross.  Seriously though the only club I’m at on Friday night is the book club.

♬ I’ll take you to the coffee shop, I’ll let you read the book I got. Keep going boy don’t you stop, keep reading till you reach the plot. Whoa.♬

– 50 Cent

That is how the song goes right?

“You’re always wearing makeup, it makes you seem insecure.” And yet, I’m not the one judging you for not wearing makeup. ;) So who’s really the insecure one?  Makeup is an art & it’s my passion. I have so much fun trying on new looks every day & here’s the beauty of it, it comes off at night! So it’s not that serious. #basicbitchesbelike

All kidding aside, these are things that have been said to me and if I didn’t love myself and know myself the way I do I might have been hurt by these words. Instead I’m able to laugh it off. Which I do.

 So, yeah that’s kind of what it’s like inside my brain. Kind of silly, always sarcastic.  I hope this was helpful for you guys. Love yourselves, because there is only one you & that makes you limited edition. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Just laugh it off, it drives them nuts, trust me.

What are some ways you combat negativity? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear some more ideas. TTYS.

Shelly xo

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