Women post Selfies With Makeup On Half Their Face To Show #ThePowerofMakeup

The internet is being flooded with selfies of beautiful women with only half of their face done up. It’s quite incredible. Ever since last month when NikkieTutorials “Power of Makeup” video went viral (we’re talking over 17 million views!!) women have been posting their selfies in support using the hashtag #ThePowerofMakeup.

In the video she discusses something that been irking me for a long time, “makeup shaming”. Makeup shaming is when people say things like: “You’re wearing too much makeup.” or “Girls who wear makeup are insecure.” or “Who are you all done up for?”.

Let me just say that… I LOVE WEARING MAKEUP! It makes me feel fabulous and sexy and yeah I do feel confident when I am wearing makeup, but I am also confident without it.

And, no. I do not wear it to impress guys, puh-lease. Most guys have no idea what contouring and highlighting even means. I wear it for myself, because I like the way I look when I wear it, because I like expressing myself through the art of makeup, because I frickin can!

Well Nikkie and thousands of her fans are here to tell you that we LOVE makeup, we love transforming our faces with the power of makeup & we are not ashamed of it. Therefore we’re going to show you what the power of makeup does for us!

This is my #makeuptransformation + #powerofmakeup contribution. No my skin is not flawless, nor do I pretend that it is. I wear makeup for me. I wear makeup because I love to be glam and it makes me feel sexy. Is there something wrong with that? Didn’t think so! Make is an art its a form of self expression and its so empowering!

That’s the power of makeup! I encourage you all to embrace your natural beauty and your “unnatural beauty”.


Shelly xx

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