Get to know me! | FAQs | Life of a beauty blogger

Hey friends! I’m back with another video for you guys. Today’s video is my most asked questions aka: Get to know me! So as many of you know I have a HUGE love for all things beauty, fashion, positivity & fitness related.

However I never really tell you guys a whole lot about who I am, so I’m taking my most asked questions and answering those for you today! If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel yet, you are definitely missing out! Check it out & don’t forget to subscribe so you can see when I post a new video.  Also, stick it out to the end for all of my silly outtakes. “My life is an outtake.” No lie there. 😂😜

Isn’t it funny that the play symbol always ends up over my mouth?  I bet people wish they had that option in real life. 😂😂 No pause/play button here.

Btw. Are you following my Pinterest? I just recently discovered the amazingness of Pinterest (I know, I’m a late bloomer, blah blah) I am obsessed! Just looking at pictures of beautiful girls all day like a desperate teenage boy & Pinning pictures of food like I’ve never seen a Greek salad before. It’s almost sad. Also share your Pinterests with me! I am always looking for new cool boards to follow..or stalk.
















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