How To Be An Independent Woman

Hey guys! Hope you’re all having an awesome week!  We’re gonna have a little chit chat just you and me girl to girl. We are gonna talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart and that is being an IWWDNNM, an independent woman who don’t need no man. Otherwise known as a Boss Ass Bitch.

Before I begin I have to explain two things:

  1. You can be a IWWDNNM and still have a boyfriend or husband. (which I do)
  2. Being an IWWDNNM does not mean you do not want a boyfriend, or do not enjoy having a boyfriend it simply         means you do not NEED one to be happy. Being an independent woman means being able to handle your own shit, and making sure you’re happy.


Your happiness depends on you only. Don’t start looking to someone else for your happiness. Because what’s going to happen if you break up? Or he turns out to be an asshole. Or he says he hates Beyonce. #BOYBYE You can’t just stay with him because you’re too afraid to be alone. Girl, No. This is where being a independent woman kicks in. You’re an awesome bitch and you don’t need anyone to make you happy.
Here’s how to be an independent woman who don’t need no man in 4 easy steps.

Step 1. Make your own money. This is one of the most important steps, because you need to be able to support yourself, and support your habits. For me that means makeup. Ok. I like MAC, Urban Decay and NARS & I’m not about to start shopping in the kid’s makeup section at Walmart just because I don’t have a guy to buy it for me. Girl, please. I am going to make my own damn money because your girl has needs and these needs are expensive.

Step 2. Have your own friends. This is hella important. You need to have other friendships outside of your relationship.You need your girlfriends, trust me. Too many girls will get a boyfriend and then they forget all about their girlfriends. Yeah, we were here before this guy and we’ll be here long after he’s gone. Besides who else are you going to call up at 2am to complain about him too? And who else is going to listen to all the sappy details of your relationship? Your girlfriends, we’re your support system, We hate him when you do and we love him when you love him. You need your girlfriends. We’re the bitches who have your back. We love you and we’ll always take your side. No matter how crazy you are. ;)

Step 3. Have your own life. Don’t just sit around all day waiting on some guy to text you, so that you can go out and do stuff.. Have stuff that you do on your own. If there’s a movie that you’ve been wanting to watch. Go watch it. Go pig out on popcorn and snacks and soda. Ain’t nobody gotta know. And you know that cute little coffee shop that you’ve been dying to go to but bae doesn’t like. Go alone. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee, meet some cool new people, maybe finally read that book you’ve been holding on to for three years. Oh no, not that!

Step 4. Love yourself. This is by far the single most important step in being a boss ass bitch. You have to love yourself completely before you can love anyone else. Just fall in love with the girl in the mirror, because that’s you for life girl.Relationships will come and go, but you’ll always be you. So don’t lose your identity in a relationship, because it might not last and you’re going to be the one who has to put the pieces back together. So put yourself and your feelings first. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, don’t hold on to something that doesn’t work for you in fear that you’ll never find someone or something better. Be that someone. Always be true to yourself and do you boo boo..

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